Agriturismo Torri di Slivia

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open 09-13 march 2020

Osmica, meaning eight in Slovenian, was named after the number of days farmers had under Austro- Hungary to sell their domestic products, especially wine. The advantage was that what they sold in those days was not taxed. Since then, much has changed and wine is no more main product of the farms or Osmica. Today, home-made cured meats, cheese, vegetables and various desserts also play an important role at Osmica. Of course, everything is home-made - produced on the farm. However, something has not changed, that is a sign indicating that Osmica is open. The signpost to the homestead is decorated with ivy, and the sign at the entrance to Osmica is the same. Our "Fraskas” are decorated with red arrows - signposts.

    tel.  338 3515876

Az. Agricola le Torri di Slivia s.s. di Corrado e Roberta Greco P. IVA 01031470329